book repair

Book repair for school, library, business and private collections.

  • Repair worn/damaged spines
  • Reattach torn-off covers
  • Reattach torn-out pages
  • Construct entirely new covers
  • Repair torn pages/dust jackets
  • Tighten loose hinges
  • Repair broken hinges
  • Handmade, custom bookcloth or leather covers

Repairing books will prolong their lives. Schools can repair text books at a fraction of the replacement cost. Businesses with reference libraries can maintain books to avoid purchasing costly replacements. Individuals can have old or special books repaired so they can be handed down to their loved ones. Custom design a new cover and end papers for any book. Restore new luster to your old family Bible. Maintenance repairs of your private collection will ensure longevity for the books in your collection.

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About The Book Healer

Tracy Warrington has always been a voracious reader. When she began repairing books for her local public library in Woodland, CA, she quickly became hooked on the thrill of restoring books. She maintains the 700+ item library for Yolo Hospice Bereavement Services and looks forward to extending the life of YOUR favorite books.


As a newspaper editor, one of whose hobbies is collecting rare books, it was fortunate that I was able to discover Tracy Warrington right in Woodland for a family project of repairing my wife's "Family Bible." The Bible was to have been handed down to the first-born daughter of each new generation. When my wife received the Bible it was obvious the years had not been kind. The binder was coming apart, the pages worn and torn, and dog-eared beyond belief. In brief, it was a mess and might have been thrown away simply from discouragement alone. It seemed an impossible subject for restoration. I spent months trying to find someone capable of bringing this family treasure back to life and worthy of being passed on to future generations. Enter Tracy Warrington. I found Tracy's card at my health club and couldn't believe my luck. After first "checking her out," I met with Tracy and she displayed all the knowledge I had expected based on my research of her background. Tracy was up to the challenge and had many positive recommendations to restore this family keepsake. In only a couple of weeks Tracy had finished the work and we now have a marvelous book which will survive long into the future, giving our daughter (if she wishes) and her children (if they wish it) a look at my wife's history. Tracy was a delight to work with, took great pride in her work and treated our family Bible as though it was her own. If I ever have a rare book that needs restoration in the future, Tracy will be the first person I call.

Jim Smith, editor, The Daily Democrat, Woodland, Calif.

Recently I inherited a leather-bound 19th century book about Sacramento County which included biographies of early citizens including some of my ancestors. While the book was of great family interest, its condition was so poor that I questioned whether it was worth keeping. Having no idea if it could be salvaged, I turned to the internet to attempt to determine my options. I stumbled across Tracy "the book healer", and after meeting with her, decided to let her do her best. Her efforts exceeded my expectations and I now have a wonderful useable book that I have shared with other family members. I encourage everyone not to make any final decisions about their books until at least first meeting with Tracy. She is quite talented.

Jim Sundquist, Sacramento, CA

My grandmother's bible had been lying in a family member's barn since her death over fifty years ago. This poor book had not only been exposed to dirt, dust, heat and cold, but had been crushed so that its spine was shattered and its pages were left loose. When I picked it up, pages with Gran's notes detailing family births and marriages fell out!

I contacted Tracy Warrington- The Book Healer. Three weeks after turning the book over to Tracy, she handed me a fully restored volume complete with the pages straightened and in place, with new and very neatly sown headbands and a beautifully textured black leather cover with new boards. It couldn't have been more beautiful.The Book Healer gave Gran's old bible new life! Now I have a treasure that I can pass on to my daughter and which someday she can hand on to my granddaughter!

Deacon Bill Boudier, Roseville, CA, March 26, 2014

Thank's so much for the wonderful restoration you did on my Bible. It look's like almost brand new. I use it everyday and now that I know what a wonderful service you have repairing and restoring books I will recommend your service to everybody I know. By you being able to restore my Bible I was able to save my notes that I had written in the pages and it saved me the time to look all them up and write them in a new Bible. Again, thank you so much and keep up the good work. Dave Reynolds, Woodland, CA

I recently noticed that my friend's 29 year old Bible, which was a gift from his parents, was lovingly worn out- the cover was torn, sections were no longer attached to the binding and several pages were torn. I thought it would be a fun and unique Christmas gift to have it repaired for him. The Book Healer in Woodland, CA was recommended to me so I reviewed the website and discussed the process with the owner, Tracy Warrington. Tracy is very knowledgeable, patient and talented. She discussed repair options with me and helped me decide on the best fit for my plan which was to restore the original look as much as possible. She repaired it within a short period of time and I was extremely pleased with the workmanship and my friend is also pleased and thankful with the final product. I will definitely use The Book Healer for any future book repairs and I highly recommend this business. Rhonda Oates-O'Brien, DVM, MPVM, DACLAM Senior Veterinarian Campus Veterinary Services University of California, Davis

Several years ago I became the keeper of the family Bible. It was very large, very old, and in a dilapidated state. Inside, the detached cover, was a note that said the icon had been brought to this country from England in the early 1870s. There was a wealth of family information within its pages, listed in the Family Registry section. I felt it was a prize worth saving and made the decision to hold on to it. It was a fortunate day when I came across Tracy Warrington, "The Book Healer," at the Gibson House Fair in the spring of 2013. She offered to repair our family heirloom at what I considered a reasonable price. There were no guarantees, and I agreed to give her as much time as she needed in her efforts to bring the book back to a usable condition. I received the book back today and can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that Tracy has done a splendid job in restoring it. She first removed the damaged spine, old glue, and old tape (from previous repairs). Then she repaired and reattached loose pages, added a new hollow spine, new headbands, book marker ribbon, and reattached the old embossed covers to a new leather spine. She carefully applied new end papers as well. I am here to tell you that miracles do happen. Tracy has brought this weathered old piece, once ready for the scrap heap, back to the status of a family treasure again. I would highly recommend her in any future book repairs you might be considering. I remain, one satisfied customer! Sincerely, Robert V. Hardy, Esparto, CA

I am very happy with Tracy's service and quality of work. She recently recovered an old bible of mine. Tracy did a great job in a timely manner. The bible looks brand new. I recommend her both for her great work and customer service. Theresa Farebrother, Personal Trainer

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